The Little Black Block


The Little Black Block

Just like the little black dress, it's versatile, goes everywhere, and everybody needs one!

This is the bench block reinvented.  Made from Delrin, it is much lighter weight than a steel block but you can use it in nearly all the same ways and several new ones.  At 3"x4"x1" this versatile tool is especially handy for beginners or students traveling to workshops because it does a lot of jobs in a small space. 

The Little Black Block was designed mainly for riveting but then I thought: why not make it multi-functional. It has a V-groove and 2 swage spots and 2 dapping depressions. 2 edges are rolled for forming and the bottom is flat for stamping or flattening your metal. It's a non marring surface. The steel pin is removable and it has a slight dap in the tip to hold a rivet head in place. It holds the rivet without allowing the rest of the piece to touch the surface of the block, thus protecting the finished surface. It is much lighter weight  than a steel block, at 10.5 ounces, and it won't rust. It's black so it's stylish and because it’s Delrin you can easily modify it for any special needs that might come up.

It’s my own design and it’s made right here in Asheville, North Carolina, not far from my studio, in a locally owned facility where they reuse and recycle just about everything.

My students have been waiting for this tool and it's finally here.   Get yours now!

Little Black Block with steel anvil pin     3”x 4”x 1” $98

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