Wholesale Catalog

Welcome to Deb Karash Jewelry and my wholesale catalog.  All of my wholesale offerings can be created in any colorway that you choose.  The easiest way to create a cohesive presentation is to let me know if you would like it all in a warm color scheme (red, orange, pink), a cool color scheme (blue, green, teal, purple), or a pastel color scheme (pale yellow, pale blue, light aqua).  All colors will come with accents of black and white or colors outside of that pallet.  Of course each piece can also be ordered in specific colors.  I will do my best to meet your desired ship date and if I cannot I will contact you.  I offer zip code exclusivity.


Instructions & Terms

Initial orders must be a minimum of either 8 items or $1000 and must be paid in full before shipment. Subsequent orders have no minimum and must be paid in 30 days. You may also (optionally) pay in full at the time of checkout. Please see codes to use below:

PAY NOW:  If you pay now, your shipping is likely to change. You will be invoiced for final shipping costs after shipment.

PAY LATER:  Use the coupon code "DKWS30" to place your order if you choose to pay later. You will be invoiced for your total amount, plus shipping.

Items can be exchanged within 60 days.