My Crazy Busy Life


2017 has been a busy year so far and it remains that way until the end.  I have 8 workshops this year.  I’ve already done half of them and I’m about to leave for number 5.  My students have been doing fantastic work.  It always amazes me to see how each student manages to create something unique with the same materials.  In January I taught for the first time in Nokomis, FL at Bead Camp.  I’ll be heading back in January of 2018 to teach a 2 day fabrication class and then 2 Drawing on Metal classes.  The folks who run Bead Camp are going to be retiring from running the school so if you are interested in running a little jewelry school in a sweet Florida town you should see about buying the business.  Here's a pic of lunch break on Nokomis Beach.


I also had really great workshops at Bead and Button in Milwaukee, at The Sterling Butterfly in Indianapolis, and for CoMA in Denver.  I also spoke at the Colorado Metalsmith’s Association and had a great time in Salida.  I can’t wait to go back. 

Later this week I’m in Little Switzerland at Wild Acres for one of my favorite workshop weeks.  Located just off the Blue Ridge Parkway it’s a beautiful place to kick back and get some serious studio time.  In September I go west to Seattle, WA; Mendocino, CA; and Austin, TX to teach.  2018 is already busy with workshops and I’m scheduling into 2019.  On the calendar are Florida, California, Colorado, and North Carolina. 


In November I will be back in Atlanta for the Atlanta Contemporary Jewelry Show at the beautiful Carter Center.  I hope to have lots of new work for that show.  


In between all of my travels I’m enjoying my new deck and trying to pull a few weeds now and then.  It’s funny that now that I’m of retirement age I am busier than ever!